Posts from: January 2016

Meco N-Midget torch

Ashby’s Adventures in Welding

            Discovering the Meco N-Midget Torch I finally decided last winter (2015)  to replace the beautiful bittersweet vines in my sculptural landscapes with a more substantial material.  I chose to try metal and since I had not worked in metal since college, I enrolled in a direct metals class with Anne…

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Rolling Along by Ashby carlisle

Rolling Along

        “Rolling Along” moves in and out of seasons marking the flow of time.  I began this piece in the summer to be part of the fall works, but it made its way into winter to span three seasons.  These months were a time of drought and the trees produced an overwhelming…

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Blustery Day

                          “Blustery Day” captures my experiences with the North Wind rushing down the marshes and up the hill to my studio door. The wind gusts and the marsh plants respond tossing back and forth. This image brings back delightful childhood memories of Winnie…

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