Posts from: November 2015

Lautus Naturales

I-Park: a thrilling exploration

This place is thrilling to explore.The park is dotted with trails; each trail home of a number of sight specific sculptures. I found this sculpture, Lautus Naturales by Francois Frechet, floating on a pond on the Thanatopolis Trail.  This is one of many works completed during the I-Park residency program. Their mission is to nurture the…

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Fall’s Neon Razzle Dazzle

Fall’s Neon Razzle Dazzle –  Residing in New England is like living in a widescreen cinema of live moment to moment seasonal change.  One of the heights of this visual experience is in fall when the sun streams through the translucent leaves and creates yellow, orange, chartreuse, red neon.  Spectacular!!

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Early Morning Light

  As the trees loose their leaves, the luminous light at dawn is beginning to reappear. For me this is the best part of the winter months. The light silhouettes the trees and vines along the marsh.  The silhouettes are ink black twisting, turning lines which appear calligraphic to me as if the vines are…

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